Measure lung function decline

By providing a complete in-app experience to monitor lung function, we enable remote respiratory care at a lower cost and without the logistical and economic burden of distributing separate devices, such as digital peak flow meters or portable spirometers.

The test procedure

To perform our Lung Check, patients just need to breathe towards their smartphones. The test then provides a numeric result, the Lung Score, reflecting the change in lung function compared to the patient’s baseline. This enables patients and healthcare providers to accurately track disease progression, especially in respiratory diseases like asthma or COPD.

The technology behind it

Behind the Lung Check, our technology detects and analyses breathing sounds with Artificial Intelligence. We use acoustic analysis to detect vocal biomarkers that indicate changes in lung health.

The performance

Our clinical study has demonstrated an 88% correlation between the variation in our Lung Score and the standard healthcare measurement (variation in FEV1, a spirometry parameter).

Want to know more?

Contact us to receive the white paper with more information about our technology. It includes the
results of our clinical study on vocal biomarkers for monitoring asthma.

Our vocal biomarker factory

Source data

The input is composed by breathing sound recording + health label (e.g. lung function). The acoustic variations are analysed and summarized to become vocal features.

Biomarker candidates

These vocal features are interpreted by a self-learning AI system. The results of the process is a new set of parameters that summarize and generalize the biological problem: vocal biomarker candidates.

Vocal biomarkers

The outputs generated from the previous steps have a clinical interpretation and are then validated against medical-grade measurements and clinical outcomes. After this step, they can be used as vocal biomarkers.