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We bring deep-tech innovation into your smartphone. With vocal biomarkers and artificial intelligence, we offer health checks, including lung function and cardiorespiratory health tests, on any device with a microphone

Who we are

We’re a international and multi-disciplinary team with skills in sound processing, artificial intelligence, software development, clinical development, regulatory affairs and business. We combine PhD researchers, with tech experts, with entrepreneurs. All of us with passion for healthcare.

What we do

We combine sound analysis with artificial intelligence to detect subtle signals in the sounds produced by the vocal apparatus and trasform them into vocal biomarkers that can be used in health screening, prevention programs, clinical practice and research. All of this using only a smartphone, no additional hardware.

Why we do it

Voice carries a vast array of information about the respiratory system. Thanks to our technology, people can make more informed decisions to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. We want to empower everyone, everywhere to be able to better manage their health.

Our B2B solutions


Access health risk of all your members during onboarding

Integrate our cardiorespiratory score into your app to identify health risk and decide what programs to propose to the member.

THE LUNG SCORE (under development)

Measure lung functions for screening or monitoring

With the collaboration of the Humanitas Research Hospital, VoiceMed is developing an algorithm to monitor lung function decline. 

Our numbers


of data into our bank of human sounds


clinical studies in European hospitals


users used our breathing exercices

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Contact us to receive the white paper with more information about our technology. It includes the results of our clinical study on vocal biomarkers for monitoring lung health.