Save lives and monitor health of one billion people

VoiceMed identifies patients at high risk for COVID-19 by utilising Artificial Intelligence technology.

We are able to pre-diagnose COVID-19 by classifying both COVID-19 positive and negative voices’ sound streams. We want to provide accessible testing to everyone, anywhere and any time.

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Record your voice and help millions of people!

Currently, a team of experts in data analysis is working on improving the accuracy of our diagnosis and training the algorithm. To achieve that, your contribution is essential.

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About us

We are VoiceMed, a motivated team with more than 100 scientists, doctors and specialists collaborating to fight COVID-19 and facilitate the medical response to it.

VoiceMed is developing an artificial intelligence technology to identify a healthy person from a COVID-19 infected person by comparing pneumonia coughs and voices. Implemented by our machine learning experts and medical experts, our voice recognition has potential to pre-diagnose COVID-19 with an accuracy of up to 97%.

VoiceMed is dedicated to saving lives and easing the load on the healthcare systems by providing fast intervention diagnostics for everyone.  

In this war, you record and we analyse. Your voice is the triumphant horns.

Make this crisis end earlier

By recording and submitting your voice, healthy and infected participants will contribute to training our machine learning algorithm and building predictive models for the early diagnosis of COVID-19.

Thank you for being part of our rescue plan.

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No personal data is stored like IP, email. All data is anonymous
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