Lung checks anywhere

Offer cardio repiratory health tracking to your users without any additional hardware to boost engagement and improve clinicians’, health coaches’, and trainers’ decisions. 

Easy integration into your app or platform.

Who can benefit from VoiceMed’s technology?

Health and wellness platforms

supporting healthcare providers, insurances, corporates, sport clubs, welness centers and individuals

What we can do for your business?

Prevention and fitness

Enhance employee or user engagement in an exercise program while enabling employers to witness its benefits on their employees. With VoiceMed Fitness Lung Check, employees can directly measure the impact of the exercise program on their respiratory health. Unlike measures solely quantifying exercise frequency, VoiceMed Fitness Lung Check provides a real, personalised assessment of its effects on the individual.

Remote patient monitoring

Improve the competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of your RPM platform by integrating the cutting-edge VoiceMed Lung Check—measuring lung function directly within your platform, eliminating the requirement for additional hardware (like digital spirometry or peak flow meters), using only a tablet or smartphone. Our system tracks the evolution of FEV1 over time, aiding patients and doctors in identifying symptom deterioration earlier and preventing exacerbations.


Occupational health

Improve the safety and well-being of employees in their workplaces while cutting testing costs. The VoiceMed Lung Check enables quick testing via employees’ phones, even from their homes. This test serves as a proactive occupational health tool for monitoring respiratory function. Testing with the VoiceMed Lung Check is less cumbersome and frustrating for your employees, requiring minimal effort in breathing and no extra equipment.

Patient self management

Boost patient engagement in your app by incorporating VoiceMed Lung Check—a real-time measurement tool providing insights into lung health using just a smartphone. We measure and track FEV1 evolution over time, enabling patients to recognize early symptom deterioration and prevent exacerbations by adhering to the doctor’s action plan. It’s user-friendly and error-tolerant, serving as an incentive for better adherence and lifestyle adjustments.

Professional sports

The VoiceMed Fitness Lung Check enables precise measurement of athletes’ lung function improvements, serving as an incentive to achieve training and performance objectives. Integratable into any app used by your athletes, this tool boosts motivation and assists trainers in fine-tuning training programs for optimized performance.

Decentralized clinical trials

Cut the expenses linked to measuring lung function in clinical trials. VoiceMed Lung Check offers cost-effective, scalable, and convenient lung checks tailored for respiratory disease clinical trials—no additional hardware required.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your app with cardio respiratory health tracking. Get your lung checks into your app today.

Our partners

Our medical advisors

Francesca Puggioni

Head of Section Responsible for ImmunoCenter Humanitas

  • Head of Section Responsible for ImmunoCenter Humanitas
  • Adjutant Teaching Professor in Respiratory Diseases at the Department of Internal Medicine and Therapeutic, Humanitas University Milan
  • Head of Clinical Organizational Section ImmunoCenter Humanitas Personalized Medicine Asthma & Allergy Clinic Immuno Center

Giovanni Paoletti

Allergist and Clinical Immunologist

  • Internal Medicine Researcher at Humanitas University
  • Regional President of SIAAIC Lombardy Section
  • Member of the Methodology Committee EAACI

Enrico Heffler

Director of the Postgraduate Residency Program for Allergology and Immunology

  • Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, Assistant at Personalized Medicine, Asthma and Allergy Unit, Humanitas Research Hospital
  • Author of more than 200 scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals