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We’re a multi-disciplinary, international, goal-oriented team. Our team consists of individuals who are deeply passionate about voice technology, resilient entrepreneurs, and dedicated tech experts. We are supported by prominent doctors from some of the most renowned hospitals. Our uniqueness is grounded in our demonstrated ability to strategize and execute effectively, supported by our comprehensive skillset.

Global collaborators

VoiceMed imagines a future where everyone, no matter where they are, can easily access healthcare. To make this happen, we build digital tools that are reliable, scalable, and convenient, with a special focus on the power of voice. We’re committed to turning this into reality and are looking for international collaborations to work together on this big challenge. We’re part of both the European Respiratory Society and the global team working on research to improve how we take care of our respiratory health.

Our mission



Arianna Arienzo

Chief Executive Officer

  • Entrepreneur in digital health and digital technologies
  • Contract professor of healthcare innovation at Cattolica University
  • Forbers Under 30 (2022)
Arianna has been working in high-tech consulting, living in more than 5 countries including Silicon Valley, where she got exposed to the world’s most innovative startup ecosystem. With her pulmonologist’s parents, she was exposed to the healthcare system when she was very young, and since then she has wanted to bring new technologies to improve healthcare.

Ayana de Brito Martins

Chief Scientific Officer

  • PhD in computational biology
  • Qualified medical device regulatory expert 
  • Certified breath coach
Ayana is a self-starter and analytical thinker with strong communication skills. She has worked for 8 years as a research scientist. Following her switch to entrepreneurship, she became a qualified medical device regulatory expert in the EU market, specializing in the application of AI to healthcare.

Fulvio Cordella

Biomedical engineer

  • MSc in biomedical engineering
  • 3+ years of experience as vocal biomarkers engineer
  • Previous experience in Technoscience with vocal biomarkers

Previous experience in Technoscience with vocal biomarkersFulvio has always studied sound comprehensively. He delved into it from an artistic point of view as a musician and voice actor, graduating from the dubbing academy. Once he discovered the potential use in e-health, he decided to approach it from a scientific point of view, as a biomedical engineering researcher, with the study of vocal biomarkers in neurodegenerative contexts.

Team members

luca panzarella

Luca Panzarella

Product owner

15+ years of experience in as UX and product designer and as product manager. He worked for tech startups in Rome, Milan and London. He used to run his own tech company before joining VoiceMed.


Daniele Mascali

Machine Learning Engineer

A physicist with a PhD in biophysics. He worked for several years as a researcher in the field of magnetic resonance imaging applied to the study of brain function and its pathological alterations. He also worked in company as a deep learning expert.


Francesco Saverio Quatrano

Cybersecurity engineer

A computer engineer with experience in IT risk management, data protection, security governance process and regulations. Expertise in grant writing for European grants as well as national grants.


Francesca Puggioni

Head of Section Responsible for ImmunoCenter Humanitas

  • Head of Section Responsible for ImmunoCenter Humanitas.
  • Adjutant Teaching Professor in Respiratory Diseases at the Department of Internal Medicine and Therapeutic, Humanitas University Milan.
  • Head of Clinical Organizational Section ImmunoCenter Humanitas Personalized Medicine Asthma & Allergy Clinic Immuno Center

Giovanni Paoletti

Allergist and Clinical Immunologist

  • Internal Medicine Researcher at Humanitas University
  • Regional President of SIAAIC Lombardy Section
  • Member of the Methodology Committee EAACI

Enrico Heffler

Director of the Postgraduate Residency Program for Allergology and Immunology

  • Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, Assistant at Personalized Medicine, Asthma and Allergy Unit, Humanitas Research Hospital
  • Author of more than 200 scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Arianna and Ayana met in 2020 in a event about healthcare innovation. Arianna is the daughter of two pulmonologists and, knowing first-hand the challenges they face in delivering care, has always wanted to make respiratory care more accessible. At the start of the COVID pandemic, Ayana understood that the time to act for a healthier future is now, and decided to apply her skills to improving healthcare. 

“When I was a kid, I used to listen to my parents talk to their patients on the phone, and I wondered how they could monitor their health through a call.”




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