The new horizon for health

Voice carries a vast array of information about one’s health so, thanks to our technology, we can inform people about their health status, anytime, everywhere.

Acoustic analysis meets artificial intelligence

We combine sound analysis with artificial intelligence, to detect subtle signals in the sounds produced by the vocal apparatus. When the association between a signal either a normal biological or pathogenic state is fully validated, these signals become vocal biomarkers.

Our vocal biomarkers factory

Source data

The input is composed by breathing sound recording + health label (e.g. lung function). The acoustic variations are analysed and summarized to become vocal features.

Biomarker candidates

These vocal features are interpreted by a self-learning AI system. The results of the process is a new set of parameters that summarize and generalize the biological problem: vocal biomarker candidates.

Vocal biomarkers

The outputs generated from the previous steps have a clinical interpretation and are then validated against medical-grade measurements and clinical outcomes. After this step, they can be used as vocal biomarkers.


Engage users to reach their health goals

Allow your users to measure cardiorespiratory health from your app to boost engagement and motivate a healthier lifestyle. VoiceMed’s test can be integrated into corporate wellness offers, prevention programs from health insurers and healthcare providers, wellness and fitness programs or sports clubs.

LUNG SCORE (under development)

Measure lung functions for screening & monitoring

With the collaboration of the Humanitas Research Hospital, VoiceMed is developing an algorithm to monitor lung function decline. 

We value collaboration

We sponsor and collaborate in clinical studies with a focus on the following areas:

  • Development of vocal biomarkers of cardiorespiratory fitness and their association with cardiovascular risk
  • Development of vocal biomarkers associated with lung function for occupational screening
  • Development of vocal biomarkers of respiratory diseases, especially asthma and COPD
  • Digitally-delivered breathing exercises and breathing retraining programs


Leading healthcare organizations, accelerators, investors and universities that are supporting VoiceMed:

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