Cardiorespiratory tests with just a smartphone​

Add a cardio respiratory assessment to your mobile app with our vocal biomarkers and artificial intelligence services.

The science behind it

Voice carries a great amount of information from a fitness perspective. That’s why our algorithm is built upon acoustic data labeled with anthropomorphic and cardiac info.
Thanks to these information, we are able to estimate one’s fitness level based on a standard benchmark: the 3 min step test.

The main advantages of our solution

Assess member health risks at the onboarding

Part of the onboarding process involves risk assessment. Cardio-respiratory assessment empowers you to tailor recommended programs for your members.

100% software-based​

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are becoming increasingly accurate in measuring cardiorespiratory fitness. However, most people don’t own them, and during onboarding, you may not have access to this information. Expand your initial reach by enabling every user to test their cardiorespiratory health within your app.

Instant results from home

A gym or clinic’s cardiorespiratory health assessment offers accurate but resource-intensive results, requiring infrastructure. Additionally, it is less convenient for your users. How many are motivated enough? Our digital solution provides a lighter, quick alternative, delivering actionable results directly from your app within minutes at home.

Our technology setup


Download our SDK (Sofware Development Kit) and easy install it into your mobile app. Let the user do their test thanks to our ready-to-use exercises.


Enter the dashboard to check user stats, history and recordings. Everything in one place!

Who can benefit from VoiceMed’s technology?


Supporting healthcare providers, insurances, corporates, sport clubs, wellness centers and individuals

Our solution in a nutshell​


Allow all your app users to measure their cardiorespiratory health in a matter of minutes. No appointments. No wearables.


Science-based method validated against well-established tests to assess cardiorespiratory health, such as the YMCA 3-minute step test.


Deliver valuable health data in every single user interaction. Allow users to witness the results of their efforts to live healthier lives.

Our clients

Get the Cardiorespiratory Test in your app today.

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