Phone Line, Webapp and API

Voicemed´s first line of product is focusing on providing anyone with an easy-to-use and highly
accessible solution to assess the likelihood of being affected by COVID-19 or other respiratory
diseases, such as influenza, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.
Our products is designed to work as an extra layer of security (not as reliable as PCR but much more reliable that temperature checking).

Our fully Automated Phone Line service can be accessed by any calling device, from anywhere, by
anyone and guides the caller to perform an assessment in less than 3 min via simple instructions
through answering easy questions and providing voice, cough and breathing samples for our analysis
to get an instant result on Covid-19 assessment.

Besides getting an instant result of the assessment, the user gets an instant follow-up message with the assessment result that can be shown to any third party that could allow the user to enter the building or enter the stadium to watch a football match.

Complementary to our direct phone lines, we offer a web application accessible via any web browser
and downloadable mobile apps (making it accessible to smartphone, tablet and laptop for digital
users). With our web application, anyone can record his voice, to help improve our technology and
also perform a test answering a survey (5 to 10 questions) and providing his voice (cough, breath,
speech) to get an instant result on Covid-19 symptoms.

On top of our wide range of products accessible to the entire world population, we supply a public API
that can be comfortably and conveniently integrated into modern telehealth solutions, including
COVID-19 hotlines, chatbots, apps currently used in Italy and other heavily-impacted countries.

With our first prototype ready for testing phase on the market we received attention from many multinational companies, as well as private healthcare and telemedicine.

Our plan to reach more than 10 million users by 2025. We are starting from Italy, to then expand in Germany and the Nordics, where we already have initial support. Diverse partners are supporting our growth and willing to help us scale fast considering our high potential solution and what we achieved in the past months.