We are a complete skillset team, with expertise in clinical research, machine learning and speech analysis, including 3 PhDs and 1 MD, in addition to software  & web development, agile product management,  GDPR, accounting, sales & marketing.

Our core team

Arianna Arienzo, Chief Executive Officer

Arianna is a second-time founder with expertise in business development, innovation and operations. She has been working and studying internationally including her recent experience in Silicon Valley, where she got exposed to the world's most innovative startup ecosystem. She brings together corporate and startup experience with high passion for the Healthcare sector. Arianna has the ability to build strong relationships, with realistic optimism and impressive listening and understanding skills.

Dr. Ayana de Brito Martins, Chief Scientific Officer

Ayana is a self-starter and analytical thinker with strong communication skills. Her experience of 8 years as a research scientist in computational biology and her PhD, she developed skills in scientific practices, grant writing, scientific writing, project management, strategic planning, data analysis, statistics, data visualisation and programming (R/RStudio, Python, C++, Git).

Cedric Tamavond, Chief Product Officer

Cedric has 10+ years of experience in building products (Software/Web/Mobile) in various industries and different countries (Europe, Asia, South America). Cedric has 5+ years xp - Agile coach (Helping organization to lower their time to market, structure their teams, portfolio management, people centric vs people as a resource). Cedric has previous experiences as start-up founder, and in product/tech, fundraising, partnership, client facing/management.

And others

Additionally, VoiceMed counts with 15 members and advisors in software & web development, agile product management, GDPR, accounting, sales & marketing.

These collaborators have been contributing skills and time pro bono in the early stages of VoiceMed.

From this team, we would like to highlight:

Dr Thayabaran Kathiresan, speech scientist, Thayabaran is an engineer and researcher from the University of Zurich with PhD in phonetics and speech sciences and +4 years of experience in applying state-of-the-art machine learning methods to speech and voice analysis.

Deepa Krishnamurthy, Machine Learning Scientist. Deepa is an engineer with +6 years of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence. She has co-developed a first-of-its-kind optometric medical device as part of her master thesis in a partnership between the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Carl Zeiss Meditec company in Germany.