Our growth and successes

In our first stage, VoiceMed has been characterized by fast growth and excellent visibility following our success in multiple hackathons (listed below). We have established partnerships for pilot studies in the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, Hospital of University of Nairobi in Kenya, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Our web app has been integrated into the Lithuania national chatbot ( as well as contact tracing app GeoHealth App in German. Partnerships with hospitals enable us to get clinically validated data from COVID-19 patients as well as doctors advice and support for starting the clinical trial once the MVP is ready. Integration with current contact tracing apps allows us to gather more real-world data and get more visibility, as well as gather users' feedback.

We have been increasing visibility thanks to different awards, such as:

- COVID-19 Special Prize & Life Science Prize awarded during StartCup Lombardia 2020
- 1st place Hack For Italy, "Save Lives" category
- 1st place Hack for Sweden, "Save Lives" digital category
- 1st place Jump for Italy,
- Top Finalists Global Hack
- Top Finalists EUvsVirus Hackathon
- Top Finalists Hack for Norway